Homepage of the Quantum and Solid State Theory group

Universität des Saarlandes

Welcome to the homepage of the Quantum Solid State Theory group. The group was founded and is led by Prof. Dr. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch. The group is located within the Faculty of Physics at the Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Please navigate the website to find all relevant information about the group. Inquires can be sent using the information provided in the Contact section.

Group foto 2019. 


From left to right: Thorge Müller, Marius Schöndorf, Gino Bishop, Michael Kaicher, Raphael Schmit, Frank Wilhelm-Mauch, Peter Schuhmacher, Nicolas Wittler, Federico Roy, Susanna Kirchhoff, Jennifer Duscha, Aditi Misra, Shai Machnes. 


Missing: David Headley, Andrii Sokolov, Kevin Pack, Max Werninghaus, Tomislav Piskor, Andrea Dumont, David Bruschi.

  • 01.07.2020: Our group is going to become an institute at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, namely the Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics (PGI-12). It does not have a homepage yet. The move starts on July 1st 2020

  • 18.03.20: The group is officially working remotely, due to the consequences of the outbreak and spread of the SARS-CoV-2. 

  • 28.03.19: Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch was in German TV as a guest at the science show scobel in 3Sat. Here is the link to the media library: link

  • 31.10.18: Report in german TV about the kickoff of the EU flagship project OpenSuperQ coordinated by Frank Wilhelm-Mauch: Link (starting at 27:40 min)

  • 06.05.18: Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch speaks in the German Bundestag about Quantum Computers (link, or livestream (4-6 pm))

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